Cop Sitting In Car Hears 'Voice' Tell Him To Put Vest On. Suddenly, This Unfolds
August 5, 2015 #thesecretplace
By Chante Owens

July 14 was just another typical night in St. Louis, MO, when an off-duty police officer encountered utter terror while residing in the city's Central West End neighborhood. The officer (who has asked to remain anonymous) described the night to local news agencies, explaining that the day's high temperatures prompted him to take off his bullet-proof vest, which is when he noticed four males lurking nearby. 

Despite the unassuming nature of the male group, the officer told interviewers, "the hairs on my neck stood up." Within mere seconds, the officer heard a voice telling him to grab his vest. "I know it was God," he explains. Listening to the voice without hesitation, the officer donned his vest. Moments later, the all-male group pulled up in a vehicle next to the officer's and opened fire on him. 

The officer quickly fired back and a shootout ensued, prompting the officer to chase his attackers while sustaining a bullet wound to the chest. The officer pursued the assailants long enough to acquire a description of some of them. Although it hasn't been confirmed, the officer told reporters that he believes he was targeted by the men because of his police-affiliated attire. 

Afterwards, he prayed. He prayed for "the peace of mind to stay alive," and that's exactly what happened. If it wasn't for the bullet proof vest the officer felt compelled to strap on again, the night of July 14th could've had a much worse ending. 

Watch the video and share your thoughts with us in the comments below. 

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