Contestant Broke Out In Worship In Front Of Millions And The Judges Do This
June 22, 2015 #thesecretplace
By Chante Owens

We've all heard of the hit TV show The Voice. Impressive voices from all over the world have flooded auditions for this entertaining show, garnering excited audiences composed of millions. During the blind auditions of season four of The Voice of Germany, singer Patrick Jakucs brought worship to the stage with a beautiful performance of "How He Loves."

Jakucs' choice to perform a worship song for his blind audition stems from a place of deep gratitude for God. Wanting to maintain the same devotion to the Lord both on and off screen, Jakucs boldly belted "How He Loves" on a stage in front of believers and non-believers, and the effect was emotionally and spiritually stirring.

The panel of judges for The Voice of Germany include Rea Garvey, Stefanie Kloß, Michi & Smudo, and Andreas Bourani, all musicians with an eye for talent. Jakucs received three out of four buzzers during his blind audition, advancing him to the next round of the competition.

Unfortunately, Jakucs did not go on to win season four of Germany's The Voice. The competition crowned singer Charley Ann Schmutzler the season four winner, but nobody forgot the impactful auditions brought earlier in the season.

Depsite this video being from last year's competition, it has only recently started gaining popularity on social media. Jakucs, himself, tweeted about the sudden spike in video views on his Twitter account.

In an interview with a German magazine called Pro Christlichen Medienmagazin, Jakucs told interviewers that he was honored to compete on the show and was grateful for the opportunity to praise God. Not many people opt for a worship song for their blind audition on The Voice, but Jakucs wouldn't have had it any other way. "I believe and hope that God can use the song in any way, to touch people's hearts," the singer told Pro.
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